We are a cross-disciplinary, collaborative design studio in the coastal town of Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala. We develop and improve brand strategies and identities. We have worked with big brands, startups, cultural institutions, and NGOs across India.

We believe brands help shape the world around us, and it is about more than just making a profit. This is why KL11 focuses on working together with clients to help them build long-lasting relationships with customers. We choose our projects carefully and realise our responsibility in building a better world.

To discuss a project, email us at hello@kl11.in.


Our Work

Brand Strategy
We design the best way forward for your business, keeping in mind your values, your goals, and your context. Our job is to work with you to develop your mission, find your audience, and offer them your best.

Brand Identities
From designing logotypes, word-marks and brand colour-and-material palettes, to helping set the tone-of-voice in written content, the ambient music at retail outlets and the kind of stitches on the upholstery, we work with our clients, helping them craft wholesome, hardworking brands, together.

Editorial Design
Sharing knowledge makes the world smaller, and KL11 is committed to opening it up. Valuable stories are told by creating and designing for meaningful narratives, sometimes multilingually. Our approach is content-driven with meticulous attention to typography, grids and an undying love for the smell of ink on paper.

Online Experiences
We believe the key to creating enjoyable experiences online is providing great content supported by a robust information architecture. We craft websites that work well, while looking beautiful across devices and platforms, often as part of a brand identity project.

Independent Projects
We know that the key to continued innovation in design is making time and space to create, curate, and explore. Our independent projects allow us to work on a variety of personal projects that contribute to the world around us, and keep alive the spirit of experimentation and getting lost.

People At KL11

Mishal KP
Product Design, Business Design, User Experience

NP Basim Abu
Film-making, Story-telling, Illustration

Abhijith KR
Graphic Design, Typography, Brand Identity

Made in Kozhikode / Beta V 2.0