Studio KL11

Set up in 2014, we are a cross-disciplinary design studio from the coastal town of Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala. With our clients, we develop and improve brand strategies and identities, focusing on sustained growth.

People at KL11 have helped automobile companies, hardware startups, paint manufacturers, social causes, media houses, NGOs, organic farmers, teachers and individuals putting together passion projects to extend their reach and communicate their values better.

Working With KL11

We work best with people who reciprocate the trust we place in their ventures and vision. We believe in deliberate1 solutions that work well for you in context—not in an overwhelming presentation.2 If you are ready to embrace unconventional answers based on thorough research and supported by a forward-thinking design philosophy, talk to us. We look forward to building beautiful brand narratives together.

  1. 1: We are not artists; the work we produce is a result of hours—if not days—of research followed by design—eliminating the unnecessary and fine-tuning the essential. 

  2. 2: We don’t show or make you choose from many ‘options.’ Our strength is in putting one solution on the table—well researched and iterated in-house—for you to confidently put to work. 

— Mishal is a business designer helping companies build hardworking brands. He brings an understanding of materials and systems and an obsession with tolerances to everything he does. He worked with hardware startups and taught engineering undergraduates before co-founding KL11.

— Master’s: Product Design, MITID, Pune
— Mechanical Engineering, AEC, Bhatkal

New Projects / Brand Strategy / Product Design / Space Design

— Basim illustrates and animates when not working on his film and photography projects. He is the in-house authority on film trivia and far-off cultures even when our decent internet connection is working. He resets his biological clock more often than previously thought humanly possible.

— Bachelor’s: Film and Video, NID, Ahmedabad

Films / Animation / Illustration

— Abhijith is a communication designer and amateur letterpress printmaker. He helped make books, rebrand a motorcyle company and managed to put baked bricks on magazine covers before heading home to KL11, where he writes prose and code and lives under a rock.

— Master’s: Interaction Design, IDC
— Bachelor’s: Graphic Design, NID

New Projects / Graphic Design / Interaction Design / Press

Built in Kozhikode. Material other than brand marks and assets (property of the respective owners) shared under CC-BY-SA.